An educational technology class project about the environmental impact that garbage has - and the great lengths we have to go to clean up our mess.

Set after the events of the 2012 animated film, Pollution Solution starts guests out as volunteers at the Once-Labs company. As they make their way through a reinvigorated Truffula tree forest, and later the labs, they learn about the events of the movie and new efforts to clean up the environment.


Riders get to choose their tracks to queue up, opting for cleaning garbage in space or underwater. As an omnimover dark ride with a shooting gallery, Pollution Solution is interactive, allowing guests to zap pollutants in the world around them. Points are earned based on the environmental impact of the pollutants zapped, ranging from soda cans all the way to oil spills.


Created the ocean track of Pollution Solution in Planet Coaster, complete with audio narration.