The purpose of this project was initially brought about by Square in order to develop an omnichannel experience to better reach more merchants.


Square food and beverage merchants can sell to customers using a variety of platforms.


How can a seller easily integrate with other channels in order to sell their merchandise?  How can we use their data?

Our user group was narrowed down to mom and pop shops that also sell food and beverages, and we wanted to develop a tool for Square sellers to integrate their existing businesses across different channels in order to create a more consistent brand and save time managing platforms.

1. Desktop Research

2. Comparative Analysis

3. Text Analysis

4. Surveys

5. Participatory Design

6. Concept Wireframing

After conducting research, we developed 6 ideas for Square merchants.

After having our concepts reviewed, we decided to choose the App recommendation tool in order to use Square integrated app suggestions.


Version 1 employed basic recommendations.                    Version 2 used a lengthy quiz to gather information.         Version 3 utilized a virtual profile to suggest apps.