My name is Josh. I'm an experience designer who loves using tech to tell stories that empower, educate, and entertain.

When I was 10, I developed an interest in teaching and art after writing an educational picture book about space. Since then, I was inspired to pursue art, education and technology, from teaching software summer camps to writing miniature digital STEM guides during my undergrad at WPI.​

I worked as a brand ambassador for the Adult Swim show Final Space, where my passion for seeking new technologies spurred my creativity to design licensed merchandise, augmented reality filters, and content for CES 2019. My projects for Final Space were featured in articles from WPI to Business Insider.​

Pursuing my passions after graduating to Georgia Tech, I worked to empower and educate at the Human-Computer Interaction program, as well as designing pages for the Georgia Tech website as part of the IT office. My coursework culminated in the STEAM Playground, an augmented reality app experience that teaches classroom concepts with real-world context and storytelling.

After graduation, I joined Avanade, a joint venture of Microsoft and Accenture. Through Avanade, I've had the privilege of designing experiences within a variety of industries, ranging from offshore energy to consumer electronics.

Outside of work, I am currently pursuing my passions for education, science fiction, and storytelling technology, founding a creative technology tutoring startup called TechTile, visiting and gaining inspiration from travel and theme parks, and currently writing a digital storybook titled Rocket Trip: The Solar System Search.

Feel free to contact me at jagalang@comcast.net, or connect with me on LinkedIn!