I believe in the power of storytelling through technology.


Hello! My name is Joshua Galang. I am a first-year Masters student studying Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech.  I have always believed in using technology to create and tell stories, and I am currently working as a brand ambassador for Turner Broadcasting for the Adult Swim show Final Space. My work has appeared on licensed merchandise, AR filters for Instagram, and displayed at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Since high school, I sought new forays into the development of ideas, from 3D modeling to animation and robotics. In my undergraduate studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, I learned of Human-Computer Interaction and the creation of user experiences and interfaces through coursework. Spurned by newfound interest in design as well as software, I sought to gain experience and learn more about user research, prototyping, and the tools used to create them.


I pursued this passion to Georgia Tech, where I have worked on various design projects, including an omnichannel experience for Square Inc. Currently, I am working on learning new software and programming to create educational augmented reality STEM experiences for children at home.


B.S. Computer Science

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, MA

2015 - 2019


M.S. Human-Computer Interaction

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA

2019 - 2021


"Take Joshua Galang, a 21-year-old computer-science major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in Massachusetts. Galang's admiration for the TBS animated series "Final Space" wasn't dictated to him by an algorithm.."


"Joshua Galang ’19, who, thanks to his affinity for space, animation, and any combination of the two, will be flying out to Hollywood so he can meet the Final Space cast and crew, help design a new character and be drawn into an episode of the show’s upcoming season.

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